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Organizing partners
Pablo Fernández
United Cities and Local Governments
Chief of Staff

Ivy Moraes
Regions4 Policy Officer

Massimo Perrino
United Cities and Local Governments
Policy Officer
Skype: world.secretariat.uclg
Local Authorities
The Local Authorities Major Group (LAMG) brings together international networks and organizations that represent local and subnational governments from all continents in the world. Accommodating more than half the global population, cities represent both the greatest challenge and the greatest hope for a sustainable future in the 21st Century. The growing urbanization trends, as well as the level of resources consumption in urban areas, confirm cities are the ultimate space for tackling the barriers and exploring the opportunities for effective policies for the sustainable development. Additionally local and subnational governments hold exclusive or shared competencies, on a whole range of areas such as mitigation and adaptation to climate change, energy, waste management, agriculture, industry, education, transport, land use and planning, food production and security, transportation, water and sanitation, biodiversity protection and conservation.

Sustainable urban development policies in cities and regions can contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty, stimulate economic development boost urban creativity, culture and diversity, make public services more accessible, increase social inclusion, promote gender equality, boost civic participation, limit urban sprawl, enhance sustainable consumption and production, and reduce degradation of ecosystems, disaster risks and greenhouse gas emissions.

Local and subnational governments have a unique role and contribution to play in the advancement and implementation of global agreements and sustainable development laws, policies, strategies, standards, programs and actions. The role of local and subnational governments as governmental stakeholders in sustainable development is recognized in a number of intergovernmental processes and documents, including para.42 of the Rio+20 Outcome Document “The Future We Want”.

To ensure openness and transparency, Organizing Partners of each Major Group were asked to report on their activities and governance since the lead up to the Rio+20 Conference, including a written description of their selection/election criteria and a list of the organizations the Major Group consults with.
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