Non-Governmental Organizations
Organizing partners
Daniel Perell
Baha'i International Community

Leanne Hartill
International Association for Public Participation

Victoria Espada
Dianova International
The NGO Major Group ( is tasked with facilitating the participation and enhancing the engagement of non-governmental organizations in the processes directly and indirectly related to the High Level Political Forum. When possible, we work to organize positions on behalf of the members to be delivered in various United Nations spaces. Because of the diversity of voices and perspectives within this group, we are organized around thematic clusters which act as hubs of expertise on numerous issues and/or Sustainable Development Goals.

We are always striving towards transparency and inclusiveness in our decision-making processes. Currently we are doing this through the use of a Google Group which we hope you will join by clicking here. We also would ask that any interested representative fill out this brief survey so we can get a sense of who you are, what you work on, and where.

The three global organizing partners are Daniel Perell, Kathryn Tobin and Leanne Hartill. We also have eight regional organizing partners who work to facilitate engagement in Africa (Eastern Africa: Henry Oriokot, Northern Africa: Ayman Okeil, Southern Africa: Judith Kaulem, and Western Africa: Kofi Kankam), Asia (Beckie Malay), the Caribbean (Shantal Munro-Knight), Europe (Patrizia Heidegger), Middle East/North Africa (Anis Brik), North America (Soon-Young Yoon), the Pacific (Emele Duituturaga), and South America (America Arias and Rosario del Pilar Diaz Garavito).
To ensure openness and transparency, Organizing Partners of each Major Group were asked to report on their activities and governance since the lead up to the Rio+20 Conference, including a written description of their selection/election criteria and a list of the organizations the Major Group consults with.
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