Organizing partners
Mr. David Styers
Volunteer Groups Alliance (VGA)
Based in New York
Tel: +1-202-409-6445
E-mail: VolunteerGroupsAlliance@gmail.com

Ms. Mei Cobb
United Way Worldwide
E-mail: mei.cobb@unitedway.org

Volunteer Groups bring together international networks and organisations representing the nearly one billion people throughout the world who freely give their time through public, non-profit, or for-profit organizations, and who make up 44% of the global non-profit workforce. The Volunteer Groups Alliance (VGA) represents organisations working in over 150 countries. It is a focal point for the active participation of volunteers in processes related to the implementation, follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda at national, regional, and global level.

The Volunteer Groups Alliance reflects the broad diversity of volunteerism, ranging from international volunteer and cooperation agencies to volunteer-involving NGOs and domestic organisations that work through volunteers in their own countries. It also reflect the diversity of volunteer models, including local, national and international volunteers engaged in online, employee and Diaspora volunteering.

Its global nature reflects the universality of the 2030 Agenda by bringing together members from civil society and the public and private sectors from diverse locations.

In agreeing the 2030 Agenda, world leaders recognised that the work of volunteers will be central to its successful implementation. The Agenda explicitly mentions Volunteer Groups as a stakeholder with whom Governments and public institutions will work closely, and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on Financing for Development recognises that the resources, knowledge and ingenuity of volunteers will be important in complementing the efforts of governments and support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

To join the Volunteer Groups Alliance, email the Coordinator at VolunteerGroupsAlliance@gmail.com

Website: http://forum-ids.org/about/volunteer-groups-alliance/


Member organisations must be organisations with a demonstrable commitment to volunteering, nationally and/or internationally, through their mission, goals and activities. They are expected to support the principles, values and objectives of the Alliance.
Current members can be found here: https://forum-ids.org/about/volunteer-groups-alliance/vga-members/

Read the Structure for the Volunteer Groups Alliance (PDF)


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