Organizing partners
Dr. Lucilla Spini
International Science Council (former ICSU)
5 rue Auguste Vacquerie,
Paris, France

Mr. Reginald Vachon
World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO)
Scientific and Technological Community
The Scientific and Technological (STC) Major Group provides governments, policy makers and Society the understanding of the limitations and parameters imposed by the laws of Nature and indicates what is scientifically and technologically achievable based on what we know now and on what we can do with the knowledge and technological tools we have in hand - including those being developed with potential success.

Progress in all topical areas of the sustainable development debate requires substantial innovative advances in science and technology and a thorough analysis of the feasibility of proposed solutions. Thus, by exchanging and applying scientific knowledge, engineering creativity and practice, and up-to-date technology, the STC Major Group is able to substantially introduce feasible sustainable solutions in most areas of activity that contribute to increasing peoples' quality of life.

A summary of programs and activities of each STC partner follows.
To ensure openness and transparency, Organizing Partners of each Major Group were asked to report on their activities and governance since the lead up to the Rio+20 Conference, including a written description of their selection/election criteria and a list of the organizations the Major Group consults with.
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