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Means of implementation (science and technology, knowledge-sharing and capacity building)
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Name Organization
Cristina DiezInternational Movement ATD Fourth World
Jessie Lydia HenshawCommons Cluster
Kelly NGYAHModern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association
Larisa ZelentsovaInterregional Union of Life Help for Mentally Handicapped Persons
Linda SheehanEarth Law Center
Matthew Reading SmithStakeholder Forum
Miroslav PolzerInternational Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI)
Nicole CardinalSave the Children
Nora PappInternational Council for Science (ICSU)
Stuart HamiltonInternational Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
Susan AlznerUnited Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN NGLS)
Yossef Ben-MeirHigh Atlas Foundation

As a registered (online registered, through this website) major groups organization, you may contribute to the work of Steering Committees of the Thematic Clusters by uploading articles, background or position papers that relates to the Thematic Cluster and towards formulation of a Sustainable Development Goal of that particular cluster. See full list of Thematic Clusters here.

The Russian sociologists, together with scientists of others specialties are certainly involved in the process of search of the mechanism of management of the social changes also pay much attention to...
Decentralization - as a way of structuring public administration, in order to give local people and communities more control over their own affairs and to promote human development - is being closely ...
High Atlas Foundation on 4:16 pm, 7 Nov, 2014
The SDGs must address the current institutional failure and aim to transform governance and
institutions at all levels, to be effective, accountable and transparent, for sustainable
development. P...
International Council for Science (ICSU) on 11:29 am, 12 Jun, 2014
Stakeholder Forum has produced a 'Summary of targets from proposals in the SDGs e-Inventory under the OWG’s 19 Focus Areas'. A section is devoted to targets and indicators related to means of implem...
Stakeholder Forum on 7:04 am, 7 Apr, 2014
Currently, the state of financing for the implementation of development goals is far from ideal. Despite UN resolutions pledging that high income countries would work towards committing 0.7% their gr...
International Movement ATD Fourth World on 11:29 am, 13 Mar, 2014
The SDGs will need community partners to support implementation at the local level. With 320,000 public libraries worldwide, and tens of thousands more school, academic and research libraries, attenti...
Jessie Henshaw from Natural Systems Design Science at the 5th session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals.

In this video, Ms Henshaw provides the audience with a scientific p...
Stakeholder Forum on 1:19 pm, 9 Jan, 2014
Save the Children promotes a holistic post-2015 development agenda that has poverty eradication at its core and is guided by universal, equitable and human rights-based approaches to sustainable devel...
Save the Children on 12:34 pm, 8 Jan, 2014
With a goal to Foster Dynamism and Effectiveness in Patient Data Keeping, Health Personnel Management and Distant Financial Service Delivery/Control for Community Health Systems in sub-Saharan Africa;...
In order to inform the deliberations of the sixth Session of the UN General Assembly Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Stakeholder Forum has conducted an analysis of th...
Stakeholder Forum on 2:47 pm, 9 Dec, 2013
The recommendations on means of implementation presented here have been compiled from two civil society consultations conducted by UN-NGLS in 2013: a teleconference-based consultation that resulted in...
A brief report. The 10 presentations are linked from the blog post. Most are highly informative. Others raise grave concerns.

The apparent dominant view from the sustainability sciences from #1 ...
Commons Cluster on 12:00 am, 25 Mar, 2013
Please see attached piece in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nature. It appropriately makes the case for integrating the current, three-pillar UN sustainable development governance structu...
Earth Law Center on 12:00 am, 23 Mar, 2013
Stakeholder Forum and partners have launched the Sustainable Development Goals e-Inventory, a new online tool to crowdsource proposals on global goals for the post-2015 period.

The SDGs e-Inventor...
Stakeholder Forum on 12:00 am, 13 Mar, 2013
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