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Post-2015 - Stocktaking session
19 - 21 Jan 2015, New York - view official programme, side events, statements from member States.
Statements & Inputs
View statements from Major Groups and other Stakeholders, submit statements
Interactive Dialogue & Stakeholder Prep Forum
Summary & programme
Steering Committee
Nominations, selected members, Terms of reference
Interactive Dialogue & Stakeholder Preparatory Forum
Interactive Dialogue with Major Groups and other Stakeholders, 21 January 2015

On 21 January 2015, from 3 PM - 5 PM (Conference Room 2, UNHQ), there was an Interactive Dialogue with Major Groups and other Stakeholders.

Stakeholder Preparatory Forum - 16 January 2015 DESA-DSD and UN-NGLS are coordinating a preparatory forum for major groups and other civil society stakeholders to be held on Friday, 16 January, in advance of the 19-21 January negotiating session on the post-2015 development agenda.

January Civil Society Steering Committee
The January Steering Committee in cooperation with DESA-DSD and UN-NGLS conducted an open process to obtain nominations for civil society speakers for the January Post-2015 negotiations stocktaking session.

Steering Committee members

Name Civil Society Organization
Anne-Sophie Stevance International Council for Science
Camilla Croso Global Campaign for Education (GCE)
Dr. Emad Adly Arab Network for Environment & Development (RAED)
Dyborn Charlie Chibonga World Farmers' Organisation
Elina Doszhanova Social-Ecological Fund NGF
Louise Kantrow International Chamber of Commerce
Maruxa Cardama ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
Matthew Simonds International Trade Union Confederation
Mwangi Waituru VSO Jitolee
Naiara Costa Beyond 2015
Orsolya Bartha, Dr. International Disability Alliance
Roseline Kihumba HelpAge International
Shantal Munro-Knight Caribbean Policy Development Centre
Tahere Talaina Siisiialafia Pacific Youth Council
Wael Hmiadan Climate Action Network
Wardarina Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development / Asia Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism
United Nations