Post-2015 - Declaration session
17-20 Feb 2015, New York - view official programme, side events, statements from member States.
Statements & Inputs
Comments on the Elements Paper for Declaration Discussion
Interactive Dialogue
Summary & programme
Steering Committee
Nominations, selected members, Terms of reference
Stakeholder Feedback on Elements Paper for the Declaration
Stakeholders provided feedback on the Elements Paper from the co-facilitators for the Declaration section of the Post-2015 Development Agenda througout the month of February. Comments were collected via a google doc.

The elements paper can be found by following this link:

To read inputs from Major Groups and other stakeholders please follow this link:
Comments on discussion document for the Declaration
On 19 February 2015, a discussion document for the Declaration section of the Post-2015 Development Agenda was released by the co-facilitators of the post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations. The document is available here:

UN DESA DSD and UN-NGLS invited non-governmental stakeholders to provide suggestions for inspirational and aspirational text / language for any of the paragraphs using an online form. Stakeholders were invited to contribute to one or more of the 15 paragraphs or introduce new topics. A compilation document of all submissions with attributions was prepared by DESA-DSD and UNNGLS and can be found below.

Proposed paragraphs submitted via this form can be viewed here:
Interactive Dialogue
Interactive Dialogue with Major Groups and other Stakeholders, 19 February 2015

On 19 February 2015, from 10 AM - 1 PM (Trusteeship Council), there was an Interactive Dialogue with Major Groups and other Stakeholders.

The February Steering Committee in cooperation with DESA-DSD and UN-NGLS conducted an open process to obtain nominations for civil society speakers for the February Post-2015 negotiation session on the Declaration. All applications received have been published here. Selections have now been made and the final list of speakers (21) can be found below.

February Steering Committee
The January Stakeholder Steering Committee in consultations with DESA-DSD and UN-NGLS conducted an open process to select a 16-member Stakeholder Steering Committee to collaborate on the engagement of the Major Groups and other stakeholders in the second post-2015 negotiating session (17-20 February 2015).

Name Civil Society Organization
Aaron Hernandez Ceradoy Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants
Alessandra Nilo Gestos- HIV, Communication and Gender, Also representing ABONG+MESA de Articulaci�n
Antonia Wulff Education International
Carmen Cristina Capriles Flores Reacci�n Clim�tica
Cornie Huizenga Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
Galina Angarova Tebtebba
Gerard Vives Fern�ndez Beyond 2015
James John O'Brien VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) and the Post-2015 Volunteering Working Group
Kabita Gautam BYND2015 Nepal Hub
Maria Isabel Rivera de Torres HelpAge International
Marion Steff Sightsavers
Matthew Boms Communitas Coalition
Muzaffer Baca International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation(IBC)
Dr. Najat M. Es'haqi University of Bahrain
Njeri J. Kimotho Solidaridad Eastern & Central Africa Expertise Center
Selamawit Tesfaye Post 2015 Women's Coalition
United Nations