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Conflict prevention, post-conflict peacebuilding and the promotion of durable peace
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Steering Committee
Members & Contributors
Name Organization
Andrew TomlinsonQuaker UN Office (QUNO)
April AlconisCampaign for People's Goals for Sustainable Development
Camilla SchippaInstitute for Economics and Peace
Felipe CalaChildFund Alliance
Galymzhan KirbassovJournalists and Writers Foundation
Ingeborg BreinesInternational Peace Bureau
Katie EllisChronic Poverty Advisory Network
Matthew Reading SmithStakeholder Forum
Yossef Ben-MeirHigh Atlas Foundation
Zelia CordeiroVIVAT International

As a registered (online registered, through this website) major groups organization, you may contribute to the work of Steering Committees of the Thematic Clusters by uploading articles, background or position papers that relates to the Thematic Cluster and towards formulation of a Sustainable Development Goal of that particular cluster. See full list of Thematic Clusters here.

The condition of mutually enforcing bottom-up social development movements and enabling top-down laws, policies and treaties, assist ever more people and groups in coming-together to achieve the chang...
High Atlas Foundation on 2:08 pm, 7 Nov, 2014
Stakeholder Forum has produced a 'Summary of targets from proposals in the SDGs e-Inventory under the OWG’s 19 Focus Areas'. A section is devoted to targets and indicators related to peaceful and no...
Stakeholder Forum on 7:07 am, 7 Apr, 2014
Peace and sustainable development are mutually reinforcing concepts. While peace is one of the main necessary conditions for sustainable development, it is essential to have a sustainable development ...
Journalists and Writers Foundation on 10:05 am, 14 Feb, 2014
Violence, conflict and fragility are key obstacles to achieving sustainable development which were left out of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Violence and conflict has been fueled by unequal...
Land grabbing—land acquisitions by transnational corporations, business enterprises, private investors, and foreign governments through sale or lease contracts—poses a threat to humans of the Eart...
VIVAT International on 4:01 pm, 10 Feb, 2014
Presentation to co-chairs discussion on conflict prevention.Violence is a fundamental component of human suffering. We cannot eradicate poverty without addressing violence and instability. Peace and s...
Quaker UN Office (QUNO) on 10:49 am, 6 Feb, 2014
While the level of global military expenditure is today higher than ever, at an estimated $1738 billions per annum, many states fail to increase their foreign development aid to the UN target of 0.7% ...
International Peace Bureau on 7:10 am, 6 Feb, 2014
The Millenium Development Goals will expire in 2015, to be replaced by the Post-2015 Development Agenda (or Sustainable Development Goals). Participating in these discussions provides a wonderful oppo...
International Peace Bureau on 7:07 am, 6 Feb, 2014
In order to inform the deliberations of the Eighth Session of the UN General Assembly Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Stakeholder Forum has conducted an analysis of t...
Stakeholder Forum on 1:32 pm, 31 Jan, 2014
Getting to zero extreme poverty requires stopping impoverishment, tackling chronic poverty and supporting sustained escapes from poverty. Conflict is one of the main causes of impoverishment worldwide...
Chronic Poverty Advisory Network on 11:13 am, 30 Jan, 2014
Societies with lower discrimination and where citizens accept the rights of other ethnic groups tend to be more peaceful. Nations with better informed and active citizens tend to be more peaceful. Hig...
Institute for Economics and Peace on 2:21 pm, 3 Jan, 2014
Peace and Inclusive Shared Societies are two clear universal themes relevant to all countries and contexts, in order for this development agenda to meet the expectations of the five transformational s...
Institute for Economics and Peace on 2:13 pm, 3 Jan, 2014
In a study of the views of children on the issues of violence and exploitation, ChildFund Alliance conducted over 50 focus groups in 41 countries so that their voices can be heard as part of the post-...
ChildFund Alliance on 2:11 pm, 24 Oct, 2013
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