Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All)
Sustainable Energy for All is about driving actions and mobilizing commitments to positively transform the world's energy systems. The Secretary-General's High-Level Group on Sustainable Energy for All has created a Global Action Agenda to guide efforts undertaken in support of achieving the initiative's three objectives. It contains 11 Action Areas and provides a framework for identifying the high impact opportunities that will catalyze change and prompt innovation. Using this framework, countries and stakeholders can create their own pathways towards Sustainable Energy for All.

The initiative is collecting Commitments through its dedicated website, available at
Total initiatives: 120

$50 billion, 10 year, Environmental Business Initiative
Bank of America
By mobilize financial resources to support energy efficiency, For further detailed information. Please refer to the deliverables....
2011 to 2020 CO2 Stabilization Commitment
Entergy Corporation
Please refer to Entergy's 2011 Sustainability Report at Entergy Official Website and the following deliverables.
2020 Targets of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP)
EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Faciity (EUEI PDF)
The AEEP is a longterm framework for structured political dialogue and cooperation between Africa and the EU on energy issues of strategic importance, reflecting African and European priorities. Afric...
2030 Palette
Architecture 2030
More information can be found from this website: 2030 Palette or Please kindly refer to the following deliverables.
A 360-degree approach to tackling climate change
Investments in renewable energy directed by a newly formed business unit, SCA Energy, Groupwide energy efficiency program which has so far included 1,700 small-scale projects since 2003, Life cycle as...
Access to Energy for Development
EDP Foundation
Projects will include the support to community based organizations for operation (fee-for-service model) and maintenance activities. Projects shall be submitted to Monitoring and Evaluation process. F...
Assessement of country energy and climate policies
World Energy Council
Every year the World Energy Council has been producing the report: “Policies for the future: Assessment of country energy and climate policies” to identify key areas for policy improvements and to und...
Awareness Raising of Renewable Energy Technologies in Tanzania
Tanzania Renewable Energy Association
6 members of staff and finance Euro 77,671.
For further information, Please kindly refer to the deliverables. ...
Best Practice Policies for Sustainble Energy for All
ClimateWorks Foundation
Please refer to the deliverables.

BipBop access to energy
Schneider Electric
A dedicated team contributes to achieving the commitment to bring access to energy through an adapted offer: BipBop Managers and Salesmen in countries where the company operates and BipBop Business De...
Building support for Universal Energy Access
Practical Action
Please see deliverables.

Capacity Building, Training, and Planning to Implement Sustainable Low-carbon Growth
Renewable and Appropriate Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley
Develop and publish in open-access forums the research and training tools to make the analytic tools as widely available and useful as possible. A commitment to raise funds to the widest possible diss...
Carbon Neutrality
As part of our commitment, we are establishing an internal carbon fee based on current market pricing for renewable energy and carbon offsets. Business groups within Microsoft will be financially resp...
Chevron's $50 million commitment to improve living standards in the Niger Delta
The NDPI Foundation’s Nigerian affiliate, the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND), will participate in the design, development and monitoring of programs, which will be de...
Clean Energy Finance University
U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory
By seeking seed funding to help assemble the initial consortia and to cover start-up costs such as market research, audience analysis, needs analysis, proprietary curriculum development, on-line platf...
Clean Energy for low income Households in Sub Saharan Africa
Toyola Energy Limited
Commitment was developed out of our successful experience in selling energy almost 250,000 efficient cookstoves and solar energy products to low income households in four in West Africa countries wher...
CLP's Climate Vision 2050
CLP Holdings Limited
This commitment was developed upon the request of senior management and made reference to IEA Energy Outlook scenarios and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Energy & Climate pub...
Commitment Letter of IGEA's Promoting on Wind Power Industry
International Green Economy Association
Through UN Energy Practitioner’s Network Wind Power Operation Overall Solutions Project Team of IGEA, and Solution for the Sustainable Development of Wind Power Industry. For further information pleas...
Will devote One intern and a team of volunteers...
Construction of a Biomass-to-Energy powerplant
Agritech Faso
Funding is already completed with the help of the African Carbon fund and construction is to begin immediately. The project was devised as an addition onto our main industry which is the production of...
Contribution to education, research and commercialization of sustainable energy technologies
DEVI Renewable Energies
A core-team of 5 people will work on desining user friendly interface website with all information is translated and edited in Vietnamese language with additional summary in English. The website will ...
Cooking for Life
World LP Gas Association (WLPGA)
Support will come from WLPGA members, development organizations, NGO, academic bodies, etc....
Cooperative of development practitioners providing access to clean technologies to poor populations
Nexus-Carbon for Development
Nexus-Carbon for Development is an alliance of pro-poor project developers whose shared vision is that the carbon market should tackle both climate change and poverty in a fair and transparent way. As...
Cut Energy
This target will be achieved by doing the following: -Increase contracted manufacturer participation in Nike's energy and carbon continuous improvement program -Expand use of renewable energy in Nike'...
d.light design
d.light design
This is d.light's core business therefore all of its resources will go to achieving this goal....
Deloitte UK, Our Green Journey
Deloitte LLP
Our Green Journey was a development arising from engagement with key stakeholders (including clients and Deloitte professionals) and evaluation of strategic considerations. For additional details on O...
Deloitte21 Challenge
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
In order to achieve the targeted goals, financial support with Two US$250,000 Deloitte21 grants will be devoted.

Deloitte Middle East will also provide volunteers for the INJAZ al-Arab progra...
Drive corporate investment in renewable energy
By the help of Full time engagement of all WindMade staff; strong cooperation with WindMade Founding Partners, including WWF and UN Global Compact....
Dynamic Tidal Power
Through sponsoring 2.5 million euro on public-private R&D programme, supported by Ministry of Economy, Agriculture, and Innovation of The Netherlands....
Education for Energy Savings
Schneider Electric
Several thousand sales people and technicians will be devoted, Several organizations of Schnedier are supporting this effort including:

-Global marketing with Energy University and Solar Dec...
Embraco: Innovation towards Energy Efficiency
500+ engineers will be devoted to spread in 4 continents Partnership with universities and research centers.
Enabling Electricity
The program aims to achieve the targets by acting in 3 directions:

1. projects which guarantee access to technology and infrastructure;

2. projects which remove economic obstacles ...
Enabling impoverished rural and urban families to gain access to affordable, sustainable energy
Good Return
The key aspects of our approach for achieving the goals are:

1) the participation of our MFI partners in the process, promoting the technology/products to their clients, and providing financ...
Energizing Development Initiative
European Commission
The help of the EC greatly assisted with the target intended to achieve, developing countries that sign on to the initiative will have the opportunity to adopt cleaner, more efficient technology from ...
Energy Efficiency
Resources will come from DuPont working with suppliers who can provide new solutions. ...
Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB 2.0)
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
Please nicely refer to the deliverables.

Eni's Green Chemistry
Through its subsidiary, Versalis, Eni has established an industrial conversion project for the Porto Torres, Sardinia, petrochemical industrial area through a partnership with Novamont (Joint Venture ...
Expand Off-Grid Access Programs
World Bank
Please refer to the deliverables.

Expanding rural energy entrepreneurship and access to clean lighting in East Africa
Nuru energy
As this is our core business, all of our resources are dedicated to this effort.

Nuru Energy was aslo seed-funded by the World Bank in 2008 and currently operates in East Africa and India. Wi...
Global Geothermal Development Program
Please refer to the deliverables. ...
Global Green Commitment
KPMG International
KPMG is committed to having a wider positive impact on the environment and addressing local environmental challenges. Launched in 2008, the KPMG Global Green Initiative reduced the environmental impac...
Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP)
US Department of Energy
Through various principles and parameters which are available at:
Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Globa...
Global LPG Partnership
The ETG Companies
A global public-private partnership was created in order to address the ecosystem of policy and investment requirements necessary to create a reliable and safe LPG supply chain in developing country m...
Global Solar and Wind Atlas Initiative
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Provide an authorative assessment of renewable energy potentials to countries, sufficiently documented to initiate financing for ground measurement campaigns in strategic locations, plan investments a...
Green Business and CSR on SMEs of the Commercial sector
National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce
This commitment will be realized by:
1. Implementation and accreditation of the Standard through consultancy.
2.Owners & employees of the SMEs engagement in green – social investments & operat...
ICTs for Sustainable Energy (ISEP)
The Secretariat will be housed at The Climate Group. The founding partners will be supplemented by others following launch, especially at the country/region level. Resources are being pledged by indus...
Improve energy efficiency through all operations
Suez Environnement
For detailed information regarding who it will be achieved please refer to the 2011 "Sustainable Development Commitments & Performance" Report which is available at:

Increase Aid Green's Indirect Carbon Credit
AID Green Ltd
Please refer to the deliverables. ...
Increase and promote renewable energy generation
Suez Environnement
For details regarding how it will be achieved, please refer to the 2011 "Sustainable Development Commitments & Performance" Repor which is available at:

Increasing efficiency of electronics, collaborative initiatives to move toward new energy economy
ARM Holdings Limited
please see the deliverable below...
Increasing take back volume
Dell Inc
Supporting resources will be devoted in order to help achieve the targeted goals, for which please kindly refer to the website or the following deliverables.

IRENA's activities on Renewables in Cities
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
In order to achieve the aim of analysis in greater depth about renewable energy promotion policies, to develop tools to demonstrate how local policies can be shaped towards a renewable energy future, ...
IRENA's Initiative on Renewables and Islands
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Accelerate the global adoption of renewable energy on islands by working jointly on establishing an enabling environment for renewable energy deployment in Island States, and States with inhabited isl...
IRENA's Renewable Energy Learning Partnership
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
By establishing a one-stop-shop for renewable energy education and training. IRELP’s objective is to raise awareness on available education and training opportunities in the renewable energy sector, t...
IRENA's Renewable Energy Planning Activities
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
By conducting analysis, scenario modelling, strategy formulation, and training sessions to support the analysis of complex changes in terms of capital stock turnover, technological change and changing...
IRENA/ADFD Financial Initiative
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
By providing new and additional concessional funding of US$ 350 million over a period of seven years for innovative path breaking renewable energy projects with important demonstration effects. The Ab...
JUCCCE: Increase financing options for clean energy projects
Green Municipal Bonds can help cities fund the rapid transition to a sustainable economy by providing lower risk investment products for large institutional investors. With the recent introduction of ...
Lighting a Billion Lives
The Energy and Resources Institute
We have already tied up $ 2 million from Corporates and Government sources and will raise additional funds, as required from Corporates and Foundations to achieve the objective. We are also engaging w...
Masdars 600 Solar Home Systems project
By Supporting worldwide crises and in need generations.

A number of eight villages have been selected consisting of up to 600 households, each house will be provided with a stand alone system...
The Renault-Nissan Alliance has committed 4 billion euros to commercialize affordable zero-emission vehicles and targeting to have five distinct models available to consumers by the end of 2012. The A...
Meso-Scale Mapping of Renewable Energy Sources
World Bank
Please refer to the deliverables.

MicroGaz Commitment to the UN Sustainable Energy for All Initiative
Soprise! LLP
For details regarding how it will be achieved, Please refer to the deliverables. ...
Min-E Access: Minimum Electricity Access
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)
The initiative is being started with a preliminary phase covering six pilot countries in three developing regions: Africa, Asia and Latin America. This effort are part of the national assessments bein...
National Action Plan for Sustainable Energy for All
To reach the goals, the Parliament passed the Renewable Energy Act, providing the legal and regulatory framework necessary for enhancing and expanding the country's renewable energy sector....
New Mobility Initiative (Mobility 2.0)
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
In order to achieve the goal set by the commitments, The WBCSD is developing a new Mobility Initiative (building on its previous work in this area aimed at scaling up the business role in delivering e...
Phase out of inefficient incandescent lamps
In order to achieve the goal set by the commitments, en.lighten developed a wide range of tools to help countries in the transition to efficient lighting, including: an Efficient Lighting Policy Toolk...
Philips Sustainability Commitment
Royal Philips Electronics
For tracking the progress of how this will be achieved, All progress on the above commitments will be communicated through Philips’ Annual Report.
Pioneering a sustainable business model to protect forests, produce food and deliver clean energy
Novozymes A/S
In 2009, Novozymes met CleanStar Ventures, a venture development partnership that leverages innovation to drive social development and environmental restoration, which has similar interests. The compa...
Pomegranate Arils Project
Boyner Holding
In order to achieve the goal set by the commitment, this project works closely with public and private partners, through a progressive approaches like providing training and educational opportunities ...
Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
The approaches to achieve the goal set by the commitments are Through ‘Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development’, partners have committed resources to finance grants, technical ...
Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA)
New Partnership for Africa's Development Agency (NEPAD)
The NEPAD Agency will work towards securing energy access for Africa’s population, especially in rural areas, to adequate modern energy supplies, support other initiatives on energy including increase...
Promote jobs in the energy sector with a positive environmental impact to students and professionals
In order to achieve the goal targeted by the commitment, Our young team of professionals will contact all the universities of Spain, England and South America to promote our service. Our goal is being...
Provide Risk Mitigation for Clean Energy
World Bank
The commitment will be achieved through offering support for clean energy:

i) public funding for above-market premiums (e.g. to partially cover feed-in tariffs, lighthouse PPAs or other type...
Reduce Global Gas Flaring
Statoil ASA
By participate in World Bank Global Gas Flaring Reduction Initiative and setting a company Flaring Intensity target.

For detailed information please kindly redirect to the following delivera...
Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)
Suez Environnement
For detailed information, please refer to this 2011 “Sustainable Development Commitments & Performance” Report:
Commitments and Performance 2011 Report:

Reducing carbon and flaring intensity: expanding access to modern energy services
Eni has devised a very ambitious investment plan to fund its goals towards Sustainable Energy for All:

4 billion Euros are earmarked to achieve the carbon and gas flaring intensity targets t...
Reducing DGB Financial Group's CO2 emissions
DGB Financial Group
Supportive resources will be devoted by Korean GHG and energy target management system in order to achieve the goals set by the commitment. For further information please redirect to the following del...
Reducing Emissions and Providing Low-Carbon Solutions
Bayer AG
Bayer (Germany) commits to improve its energy efficiency by reducing specific greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2020 (baseline 2005) per metric ton of products sold. New Bayer low-carbon technologies...
Reducing GHG Emissions
Dell Inc
At Dell, we track our GHG emissions and set a high bar for improvement. This includes the commitment we first made in 2007, announcing a goal to reduce our global GHG emissions per dollar of revenue b...
Reducing Infosys Limiteds Direct Footprint
Infosys Limited
By working closely with policy makers on regulations, infosys aims at a carbon neutral future. For detailed information about how the commitment will be achieved, please see the following website,
Reduction in Fossil Fuel Use
Capital expenditures to replace or modify manufacturing assets will be adopted as approaches in order to both save energy and substitute biomass fuel for fossil fuels....
Reduction of 30% in energy consumption in networks per equivalent access by 2015
To reduce the carbon footprint in line with its strategy to maximize revenue, reduce operational costs and provide services at attractive prices, Telefónica assesses, defines and implements its overal...
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Deployment
For detailed information regarding how it will be achieved, please redirect to the following deliverables. ...
Renewable Energy for FEMSA in Mexico
This commitment will be released through official publications such as Sustainability Reports and Annual Reports.

An important step forward was made with the contract for wind energy signed w...
Renewables Readiness Assessment
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
The RRA methodology is designed to be globally applicable, but it is expected that it will be of particular relevance to developing countries looking to increase their deployment of renewable energy s...
Robust Policy and Regulatory Design Support
Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis, at NREL
The JISEA will fulfill this through its world class research network and focus on analytical support for capacity building. The Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis is operated by the Allianc...
Scaling up access to energy and renewables in Africa
African Development Bank (AFDB)
Today, more than one out of two Africans do not have access to modern energy. This number rises to nine out of ten in rural regions. To address this challenge, AfDB will be investing $20 billion in en...
Skanska's Journey to Deep Green
Skanska AB
To realize the above projects, published and unpublished business unit (BU) targets each business unit developed a green action plan. While these all differ in their details they are all structured ar...
SKF launches aggressive new climate strategy and partners with WWF to reduce greenhouse gas emission
SKF has had a long history of working on enviromental issues in general and climate change in particular, but with this new strategy (acknowledged by WWF) the Group has raised the bar on our performan...
Smart Power for Environmentally Sound Economic Development (SPEED)
The Rockefeller Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation has recently awarded $6.3 million to our partners and may award up to an additional $1 million in 2012 for the stated commitment.
Socially Responsible Investing Platform
PT Socentix
We are currently establishing a new investment company with the market professionals registered already in Indonesian Capital Market Supervisory Board (BAPEPAM) to erect Indonesian first Green Private...
Strong Growth of Environmental Portfolio
Siemens AG
Products, systems, solutions, and services from all consolidated Siemens companies may qualify for the Siemens Environmental Portfolio. Strict processes with clearly defined criteria govern which of t...
Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD)
US Department of Energy
Employing current best practices in these economies can reduce annual electricity demand by 2000 terawatt hours (equivalent to 650 mid-sized power plants) and annual fuel energy demand by 30 million m...
Support Clean Cooking Agenda
World Bank
Scale up support for household energy through the Africa Clean Cooking Initiative, South Asia Household Energy Strategy, East Asia Clean Stove Initiative, and Central America Improved Cookstove Dissem...
Support clean energy in small island developing states
World Bank
Through develop virtual knowledge sharing platform and mobilize additional funding through the SIDS DOCK program.
Support Energy Efficient Cities
World Bank
Details of the type of support that can be provided to cities are available here:
Supporting Renewable Energy Procurement
Vestas has begun this process and a recent example of progress includes our Memorandum of Understanding with Methanex, a world leading chemicals company and producer of methanol. As a result of the Mo...
Sustainability Management
Iran Sustainable Development Academy
Mr. Andalib Azar established paramanagement sustainable development group for support his academy(Iran sustainable Development Academy) and he try to use of UN and international related resources for ...
Sustainability Promotion
Green Brick Eco Solutions
By convince Indian companies to include sustainability in their business model as a core value. For detailed information please refer to the following deliverables. ...
Sustainable Construction Solutions
Integrated value chain approach, for details please refer to the deliverable below....
Sustainable Energy for All Program Office Support and Energy Access Initiative
Accenture will make an investment of our people, processes, and knowledge across the company to help realize our commitments to advance the objectives of Sustainable Energy for All....
Sustainable Energy for the Navajo Nation
Nokero International Ltd
Nokero International, Eagle Energy, and the Eastern Navajo Uranium Workers, working together, have made bringing renewable energy to the Navajo Nation a top priority. This commitment will govern resou...
Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) Phase 3
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
EBRD has just approved Phase 3 of its Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) which focuses on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Since its launch, EBRD SEI finance between 2006 and 2011 reached $11 ...
Sustainable Finance in the Middle East
Arab African International Bank
1-Develop and comprehensive model for Sustainable finance practice.
2-Educate Financial Institutions about “Sustainable Finance” .
3-Create and Establish networks and partnerships to enhance t...
Sustainable Water & Energy Finance Trade able Commodities
Nouveau Energy
Nouveau Energy will be the first to launch Tradable Water Certificates in Abu-Dhabi & Dubai (U.A.E) therefore ,there are no direct competitors in the U.A.E market for the product.

However ,in...
Technical Assistance - Universal Access
World Bank
The assistance will include sector-wide planning, policy reform, capacity building and resource mobilization. For further information please redirect to the following deliverables. ...
The Circular Economy
Industrial ecology solutions and alternative fuels, for details please refer to the deliverable below....
The Clean Energy Solutions Center
US Department of Energy
The Clean Energy Solutions Center harnesses expertise and resources from around the world by partnering with a large number of countries and international initiatives, including the Clean Energy Minis...
The Global High School Prize New category in The Zayed Future Energy Prize
Zayed Future Energy Prize
please see the deliverable below...
The Partnership will scale up in order to accelerate gas flaring reduction by expanding gas markets and increasing access to electricity and cleaner cooking fuels with gas that is currently flared.
World Bank
Please refer to the deliverables.

The Village and the Earth
Shanxi Jinshang Energy Asset Management(Beijing) Ltd
Company fund reserve and government financial aid. Specialists from well-known institutions....
Think Planet energy consumption reduction
The Rezidor Hotel Group
Think Planet will be realized by:

- focusing on energy saving investments with an ROI of maximum 7 years

- employee and guest engagement in energy saving actions

- purchasin...
Tonga Solar Power Plant
The Project will result in reducing the cost of electricity for consumers in Vava’u and will reduce Tonga’s economical dependency to oil price fluctuations. This is achieved by:

Feeding solar...
Total has a wholly owned affiliate, Total Access to Solar, that is implementing this social business. Together with the help of other affiliates from the Group in the target markets in Africa and Asia...
UN SE4ALL Baseline Report and Design of Tracking Framework
World Bank
Principles and parameters are available here:
Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP)...
Unilever Sustainable Living Plan: reducing environmental impact
We have developed a metric which measures the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the whole lifecycle of a product on a ‘per consumer use’ basis, e.g. the GHG impact of making a single cup of tea...
VISION 20/30 - Partnership for Island Economies
Climate Institute
Climate Institute will continue its ongoing program of 12 years, the Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative, which with the new title - VISION 20/30 will provide in kind support and staff to kee...
WBCSD Access to Energy Initiative - International
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
The WBCSD Access to Energy Initiative is partnering with and promoting the major international partnerships to catalyze global action on energy access – the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, the ...
Whole Village Solar Development Model
Solar Electric Light Fund
SELF will continue to work with its existing partners such as the Clinton Global Initiative, NRG Energy, Inc., Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, Partners In Health, and any...
Global Wind Energy Council
We pledge to redouble our advocacy,capacity building and awareness raising efforts to bring the benefits of wind energy to all countries on all continents, as a driver of energy security, economic dev...
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