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Alice TippingInternational Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)
Andre Francisco Pilon University of São Paulo
April AlconisCampaign for People's Goals for Sustainable Development
Carmen RicherzhagenGerman Development Institute/Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)
Cristina DiezInternational Movement ATD Fourth World
Frank Costanzo-ConnellyPeerless Green Initiative
Lanre RotimiInternational Society for Poverty Elimination / Economic Alliance Group
Larisa ZelentsovaInterregional Union of Life Help for Mentally Handicapped Persons
Marie-Paule OgereauCIDSE
Matthew Reading SmithStakeholder Forum
Mira SartikaFar Orient Initiative
Miroslav PolzerInternational Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI)
N/a N/aNine Major Groups
Nicole CardinalSave the Children
Nora PappInternational Council for Science (ICSU)
Shaun GAVIGAN Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
SOTIRIS KAMENOPOULOSTecnhical University of Crete
Susan AlznerUnited Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN NGLS)

As a registered (online registered, through this website) major groups organization, you may contribute to the work of Steering Committees of the Thematic Clusters by uploading articles, background or position papers that relates to the Thematic Cluster and towards formulation of a Sustainable Development Goal of that particular cluster. See full list of Thematic Clusters here.

Sustainable development it is, but how shall the world set the measure for all subsequent work ? Of the MDGs, to develop global partnership for development is the essence of all. Cross-border routes n...
Far Orient Initiative on 11:15 pm, 22 Jan, 2015
Russian and foreign political scientists and experts speak more often about the responsibility of the world powers for the stability in the world and believe that the political elites are rather embar...
This Position Paper builds on points made in SDKP Position Papers 1 and 2. It focuses on the Contribution Attitudinal and Behavioral Change can make towards evolving New National and International Ord...
This Position Paper builds on points made in SDKP Position Paper 1. It focuses on the Contribution Value Chain Development towards evolving New National and International Order that help achieve incre...
This Position Paper raise fundamental issues regarding ongoing National and Global Consultations on Final Push to achieve MDGs’ by 2015 and Post 2015 Development Agenda. Should the issues resonate p...
Measures to de-escalation of global financial and economic crisis, the strict compliance of Human Rights in the economic and social development of States, the balance between the public administration...
The problems of difficult settlement or solution in the world cannot be solved by segmented academic formats, market-place interests or mass-media headlines (usually aligned with the dominant paradigm...
University of São Paulo on 3:54 pm, 25 Jun, 2014
The SDGs must address the current institutional failure and aim to transform governance and
institutions at all levels, to be effective, accountable and transparent, for sustainable
development. P...
International Council for Science (ICSU) on 11:38 am, 12 Jun, 2014
The OWG has begun to engage in detailed consideration of individual goals and targets. At this important moment however CIDSE believes a number of over-arching issues must be taken into account if thi...
CIDSE on 9:27 am, 5 May, 2014
Stakeholder Forum has produced a 'Summary of targets from proposals in the SDGs e-Inventory under the OWG’s 19 Focus Areas'. A section is devoted to targets and indicators related to implementation/...
Stakeholder Forum on 7:16 am, 7 Apr, 2014
The publication is a tool for government officials to guide on the formulation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a national level. This innovative study presents a set of illustrative goals a...
Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) on 10:13 pm, 20 Mar, 2014
The concept of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR) was enshrined as Principle 7 of the Rio Declaration at the first Rio Earth Summit in 1992.
The declaration states:

“In view of t...
International Movement ATD Fourth World on 11:06 am, 13 Mar, 2014
The Sustainable Development needs its own international metric unit.
An International Sustainable Development Metric Unit.
This should be a goal for the UN’s post-2015 agenda
Tecnhical University of Crete on 12:46 pm, 3 Mar, 2014
In today’s world the challenge of sustainable mining is more than critical.
Per RIO+20: "The Future We Want" document (paragraphs 227 and 228):
“227. We acknowledge that minerals and metals make...
Tecnhical University of Crete on 2:09 am, 17 Feb, 2014
Bali, Indonesia
22 March 2013

We, members of the Campaign for People’s Goals for Sustainable Development, coming from grassroots organizations, labour unions, social movements and non-government...
Save the Children promotes a holistic post-2015 development agenda that has poverty eradication at its core and is guided by universal, equitable and human rights-based approaches to sustainable devel...
Save the Children on 12:33 pm, 8 Jan, 2014
In order to inform the deliberations of the sixth Session of the UN General Assembly Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Stakeholder Forum has conducted an analysis of th...
Stakeholder Forum on 2:53 pm, 9 Dec, 2013
The recommendations on means of implementation presented here have been compiled from two civil society consultations conducted by UN-NGLS in 2013: a teleconference-based consultation that resulted in...
Trade is a crucial enabler of sustainable development. This paper summarises the findings of ICTSD research assessing the effectiveness of Aid for Trade on the ground and how Aid for Trade could compl...
everybody kindly invited to join us for IAAI/GloCha Side event to 6th Session of OWG
"Innovation – Youth – 15/15/15 – Action: UN System Partnering with Civil Society on Resource Mobilization fo...
For the last 20 years, the international development debate has been dominated by two trends that seem at first to be heading in a similar direction. However, under closer scrutiny they differ with re...
Major Groups Recommendations for Multi-Stakeholder Engagement with the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

As part of the Rio+20 Conference follow up, governments stated that they w...
Nine Major Groups on 12:00 am, 22 Feb, 2013
United Nations